Timothy's Diary

London 2017

These were the things I did between August 2017 and the third incarceration under the Mental Health Act in October 2017.

All of these words are words Jesus gave me to write, in Peace and Happiness sitting with coffee, cigarettes and food after the journeys I was given by Jesus.

I was not called in August 2017, but instead in February 2012, when my future wife was in her 10th year, at a time when I Prophesied my detention in March 2012 in California would be exactly 10 days long, and so it was.

I also Prophesied that my home would become a Lions’ Den, from Word of God in Daniel, and so it was.

I also received Understanding of my work in recent times.

It is true that the Revelation of John talks about the coming of Peace, and that the Congregation of Saints are indeed given thrones in which to judge with Our Lord the Living, and the Dead.

These words were Understood from God, and if one has ears, and eyes, one can Understand these things too.

Know more right now, about the Prophecy of 2012.