Timothy's Diary


Dubai, UAE


Take me again

When I need you
I see you
When I have you
I know you

When I see you
I need you
When I love you
I know you

Hear me

Phone me
in dreams
Call me

I wait
I listen
I Love
I give

Taste me
Hear me
Feel me
Come with me

Teach me my daughter

You have me
never without me
in you
and with you

Take me
feed off me
heal from me
Love me

You are my family

In it, I am
From it, I come
Know it, it’s me
Hear me, I’m there

Have me now

Take me
Feed off me
Love me
Dream of me
Think of me
Speak to me

Taste me
Kiss me
Hold me
Sing of me
and know me

My desire is your desire

Give me food
Tasting like you
Give me love
Life like yours

Be my wife
Be my life

Raise me
Teach me
then live

Be my desire
and out

Make me yours

Be mine
Me yours
Union together

Be mine
Me yours forever

Live with me

Find it
and see
It’s new
Ready for you

New York
Here you go
Stay when you can
And know it,
it’s real

This is your time
It’s you, Pure

I want you

I want you
give me love
Hear my beat
and the rhythm it goes

Want another
and one more

Make me take you

I need you
give me desire to take you
Szetelem ez
Te vagy a vágyam királynője

I want you
need you
give me your

Have me
Reel me. Be mine

Make love to me

When I breathe
I need breath
When we dream
I need sleep
When I eat
I want food
And when we love
we are on fire.

Breath in me
Sleep with me
Feed me
Love me

When I want
I want more
When I need
I need no more
When I feel
I feel you right
And when I hear
I see your smile

We’re all there are
My life in Yours
Alone tonight
A place just right

I reel the time
I send, take now
There is no more
Alone this night

Hear me
See me
Be me
Teach me

For Pure from Tim x